White goods to last longer

  Manufacturers of white goods are forced to make spare parts more freely available, ending the kitchen’s ‘chuck it’ culture.

Has it ever felt like you were replacing your washing machine every couple of years? You’re not imagining it, as there is such a thing called 'premature obsolescence' – when appliance manufacturers purposely build short lifespans into white goods, meaning they don’t last as long as they could.

Compounding the issue has been the availability of spare parts, leading to many of us simply throwing out old fridges, freezers and dishwashers rather than getting them repaired. Things have recently changed, however. From 1st July 2021, manufacturers have been made to make spare parts available to product owners, by law.

The move is good news for homeowners, landlords who provide white goods and our property managers too, as callouts to faulty appliances are some of our most frequent tenant grumbles. Now, instead of the more costly and complicated option of purchasing new, then having to arrange for delivery and installation, appliance repairs should be easier, quicker and cheaper to make. 

Another positive side effect of the better availability of spare parts has a more environmental note, with easier repairs hopefully keeping over 1.5 million tons of white goods out of landfill and resulting in a reduction in fly tipping too.