Making your Sale or Let Carbon Neutral

A charge towards net zero – making your Sale or Let carbon neutral and how it works

As an environmentally conscious estate agency, we are committed to making the sale or letting of your house carbon neutral. In addition to striving to make our offices as efficient as possible, we are able to plant trees on your behalf to offset any remaining emissions.

By partnering with reputable reforestation projects, we aim to ensure that your property transaction can be as sustainable as possible. Experience a guilt-free and sustainable transaction with us while actively contributing to a greener future.

We will add a small one-off fee to your final bill, but it will be your choice to pay that element. For all those clients that agree to help, we have promised to double the number of trees planted!

All we will be asking is £8 per transaction which will plant 8 trees and we will plant a further 8 to match this contribution and it is our aim that 16 trees will be planted for every sale or let that we do.

making your Sale or Let carbon neutral and how it works

Doing things Differently

Doing things Differently

SKOOT is not just your average climate change platform – they’re an awardwinning top 5% B-Corp and what they do is pretty amazing.

They assist businesses, individuals, and communities to reduce their carbon footprint and look at your remaining footprint and remove it to achieve carbon net-zero status. One way they make a real difference is by planting trees in the most deforested regions. Those trees absorb and store carbon, helping to remove your carbon impact.

But that’s not all. They also “buddy” each tree with 6kgs of renewable carbon credits to double the tree’s first year impact. These carbon credits support sustainable projects ranging from renewable energy to providing cookstoves to some of the poorest communities across the World, meaning it’s a comprehensive approach that tackles climate change from multiple angles.

Creating a cleaner and greener world

When it comes to creating a cleaner and greener world, SKOOT is really making waves. They’re all about helping businesses, like ours, race towards net-zero, and they do it through some pretty cool technology and partnerships.

What’s great is that they make it super easy for businesses, communities, and even individuals to take charge of their carbon footprints. They believe that every little action we take adds up to a big positive impact in solving climate change. Oh, and they’re an award-winning top 5% B-Corp!

Creating a cleaner and greener world

A Trusted Planting NGO

A Trusted Planting NGO

When it comes to tree planting partners, SKOOT hit the jackpot with their collaboration with the renowned Eden Reforestation Projects. From the beginning, SKOOT knew they needed a partner they could trust to fulfill their mission of planting trees. Eden stood out as the obvious choice due to their impeccable reputation and commitment.

What sets Eden apart is their impressive portfolio of written agreements with governments in every country they operate. These agreements ensure that the restoration sites where they plant trees are legally protected for generations to come. It’s a testament to their dedication to long-term sustainability.

But Eden’s impact doesn’t stop at planting trees. Their initiatives extend to uplifting communities as well. By creating job opportunities and supporting local economies, they truly make a difference in the lives of the people living in the areas they restore. It’s an inspiring combination of environmental restoration and community development.

It’s no wonder that SKOOT and Aspire are proud to be associated with Eden Reforestation Projects and the incredible work they do. With such reliable and impactful partners by their side, Aspire and all our clients can confidently pursue a mission of making the business of buying, selling or letting a home a greener and better process.


With your bill there will be a QR code which gives an overview of the impact made by Aspire and where the trees are planted, together with the overall impact created within the unique Aspire Impact Forest.

The trees are planted in our dedicated site in Tudor Creek, Kenya, with our charity partner Eden Reforestation. We will also be planting in other locations soon!

Planting a tree is one of the most effective and natural ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere. When selling or letting your property, carbon is created from all the work that is carried out by you and us for the transaction to come to a successful conclusion. For example, all the viewings we have to do on your property, the visits from the photographer, surveyors, the work you may have to do to assist your solicitor or even just preparing your property for sale or let. By planting trees, we start to reverse this effect instantly through the carbon credit, and the tree continues to grow and live for approx. 50 years removing up to an additional 1 tonne of carbon!

Yes, SKOOT are reforesting an area in the Amazon Rainforest, working with local projects it funds, mean that it helps deliver 12 of the 17 SDG’s, such as Climate Action, No Poverty, Life on the Land.

Yes, a tree absorbs carbon throughout its life and will remove approx 6kgs of CO2 within the first 12 months. The wonderful part is that the tree will live for 50+ years and will remove up to 1 tonne of carbon dioxide over its lifetime, meaning that not only have you removed the carbon footprint from your sale or let, but the planet will go on and continue to benefit from your actions for many years to come.

SKOOT uses a mix of the world’s best tree planters to maximise the survival rates of trees, who also look to replace dying trees on a continuous basis. SKOOT, in addition to the trees carbon sequestration uses the buddied carbon credit in it’s calculations to quantify the carbon removal.

Yes. Not only do trees help remove CO2, reforesting areas like the Amazon and Kenya, they also help restore the wider ecosystem and enable a sustainable environment to develop for wider plants, natural wildlife and birds, plus human communities.

SKOOT works with a number of tree planters, but predominantly with world renowned NGO and charity, Eden Reforestation. They are the largest tree indigenous tribes of people to protect and re-forest areas, plus a dedicated site in Kenya in Tudor Creek, near Mombasa, close to where one of SKOOT’s founders used to live. Currently it’s estimated that the world is planting between 4bn and 5bn trees per year, but sadly is cutting down over 15bn trees a year which means a net loss of 10bn trees, which we need to try and reverse. This equates to a football pitch a second full of trees being lost!

Whilst we certainly don’t have a large carbon footprint compared to some sectors, we need to be responsible for the future and it comes back to small actions creating bigger impacts.
Getting to net-zero is really complicated. SKOOT focuses on helping many industries with solutions that are easy to implement. Climate change and reaching net-zero can be difficult, but embarking on that journey is made simple with Aspire

Aspire’s approach is that we all need to take more responsibility for how we behave and the choices we make and it’s a shared responsibility. Technically it’s Aspire, but that is too one dimensional. Each sale and let is different and some will be more carbon intensive than others, some of that process is out of Aspire’s control.

Yes, SKOOT’s tree planting and the carbon planter in the world, planting 30m trees a month and have planted over 1 billion trees to date. They provide SKOOT with certificates every month of the trees we have planted together with certificates of the employment days we have provided for the poorest communities in the world. Have a look at the link in the Impact page!

Eden is a charity that employs local communities around the world and gives them the infrastructure to reforest local areas, paying them a fair wage, plus committing to protecting the area in perpetuity. To date they have planted over 1 billion trees since inception in 2004

When SKOOT is notified the number of trees paid for and the relevant Impact Profile is updated daily. This links back to our communication with Eden as to how many trees we need to plant and ensures that our continued commitment to Eden gives the poorest communities stability in terms of a job.

A carbon credit is a token/certificate representing the removal of greenhouse gas emissions measured in tonnes of carbon dioxide. This removal is focussed on a specific project and quantified by a separate body called Gold Standard who have a public registry to confirm the validity of the carbon credits and the impact they have made. At SKOOT they focus carbon credits for Aspire on renewable power to include wind and solar projects.

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