How people search for a property may have changed but one thing has remained constant – photographs.
How people search for a property may have changed but one thing has remained constant – photographs. Whether it’s a set of simple details, a glossy brochure or an online listing, how a property is captured on camera can instantly draw the eye or, worse, put people off. Great photos will increase enquiries and online click throughs - and maybe even secure a higher selling price.

We have photographed hundreds of South West London homes and searched through thousands of image files to ensure the very best photos are used in our marketing. Along the way, we have learnt what produces the very best aesthetic results and we’d like to share our knowledge with you.

1. Clear the clutter – piles of paperwork, toys and too many personal effects will distract from your property’s best features, so have a blitz before photographs are taken.

2. Maximise natural light – ensure all blinds and curtains are open so as much natural light comes in – this will stop the photographs looking too gloomy.

3. Reposition furniture – it’s OK to move sofas, side tables and chairs if it makes the space feel roomier. Try and achieve straight lines and symmetry.

4. Check towel hotspots – bathrooms towels should be neatly folded, while a kitchen always photographs better when tea towels and oven gloves are removed from view.

5. Banish bottles – bathrooms feel more cluttered if the shelves are lined with toiletries and cleaning products, so only leave out a handful of the most attractive bottles.

6. Look after your linen – all beds must be dressed as an absolute minimum but take time to smooth out wrinkles and arrange pillows – it really makes a difference.

7. Remove recycling – we’re all for eco friendly but for the sake of photographs, hide recycling boxes and bins, especially if they’re lined up in front of your property.

We’d be delighted to show you the best examples of good property photography – please ask your local branch staff.