From the start of 2015 we have been running our #smallthingsbigdifferences campaign to help highlight some of the small things we do that make a big difference to the property selling or letting process. The business of buying and selling a home is much more than simply putting a price on the bricks and mortar - it is a highly skilled, personal and often emotional experience.

Earlier this year we came across Graham Rawle’s Lost Consonants text and image word play series that appeared in The Guardian Weekly for 15 years. We felt that this would make for a fun addition to our #smallthingsbigdifferences campaign.

Welcome to a world where dogs start baking and the property surveyor comes across a rising dam. We hope this series of six will bring a smile to your face whilst reminding us all how the littlest of omissions can have the hugest consequences, which is why when you buy, sell or let property through Aspire there are no unwelcome surprises.

We’ve got you covered.