Is your EPC extinct?

  Check the validity of your EPC now.

Can you believe it was just over 10 years ago since EPCs (energy performance certificates) were introduced? As of 1st April 2018, every new let and tenancy renewal in the private rental sector must have a valid EPC with a rating of between A and E. Properties with a rating of F or G - the least energy efficient homes – will be considered unlawful to let (unless there are special exemptions) and there will be civic penalties of up to £4,000 for breaches.

The validity aspect is particularly pertinent, as an EPC only has a lifespan of 10 years, meaning that many landlords will now be in possession of an out-of-date, invalid certificate. EPCs are an ongoing concern in the private rental sector as, come 2020 – just 2 years away – all let properties (those in the midst of an agreement included) must meet minimum energy standards, with an EPC rating of E or above. Aspire’s lettings department would be happy to arrange a review of your property’s energy efficiency and we can book a visit from an energy assessor on your behalf so you can obtain a new certificate.