Hot topic: heating homes in London

 How will you stay warm in the future? With speculation around the future of wood burners in London and even the humble gas boiler, Aspire looks at the latest heating news.

Even though spring has sprung, we’re not out of the sub-zero zone just yet - as a few snow flurries and frosts proved at the beginning of April. Whether you flick a switch, programme an app or strike a match, how we heat our homes now may not feature in the future. Here we answer the three most common heating questions we’re asked.


Can I use a wood burning stove in London?

Yes but potentially with restrictions, as it is reported that between 25% and 33% of particulate pollution is attributed to wood burning from London properties. As a result, there are some smoke controlled areas in the capital and also something called the Clean Air Act that residents need to comply with. 


The current London Mayor would also like to see more control over the use of wood burning stoves in the city, such as banning their use during high pollution episodes and prohibiting the sale of all but the newest and cleanest stoves. You can read all the latest advice for Londoners with wood burning stoves here.


Are they banning gas boilers?

Yes but only in brand new homes. The Government has ambitious plans to become carbon neutral and a ban on installing all fossil fuel boilers – including gas and oil - in newly built homes is scheduled to come into force from 2025. For now, existing London households can continue using their gas boilers and change them for newer models without issue. You can read more about the fossil fuel boiler ban in new homes here.


What are the alternatives?

There are lower-carbon heating alternatives available to Londoners and these include biomass boilers, air to water heat pumps, electric heaters and hybrid air source heat pump systems. If you’re thinking about a gas boiler alternative, this is a great guide.


If your next home needs to have a wood burning stove, an open fireplace, the latest gas boiler or the potential for something more innovative, we’d love to share our available properties with you.